Friday, 20 January 2017

New Music: The Gift - Clinic Hope

I’m not really one for analysing the detailed technical aspects of music, it sucks the enjoyment out for me. I’m more for how songs make me feel than anything else. However, I am reliably informed by those in the know that this cracking new tune from Portugal’s The Gift pulses at a full throttle rate of 189 beats per minute.

It's probably that frenetic pace of Clinic Hope that thrills me with excitement whenever I press play, in the same way that some people get an adrenaline rush from hurtling along a road at illegally fast speeds or being thrown into g-force situations on rollercoasters. Whatever it is, this whipped up carousel of joy makes me feel great, and I hope it does for you to. It’s the kind of song that anyone can dance to, because it’s far too fast to move to in any sort of stylish way, hence knocking out the good dancers. I’ve tried the ‘running on the spot very quickly’ dance routine, which I find works quite nicely, especially if I add in a bit of  'arms punching wildly to the side' for variety and some air-synth fingers when the jaunty keyboard solo kicks in halfway through the song.

Warning: If you have a heart condition, make sure you’re fully relaxed before you start listening. Go!

The Gift - Clinic Hope

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

New Music: Sofi Tukker - Johny

You know that moment at the party when you can sense that everyone wants to dance, but they’re just waiting for the right track to drop? First there’s a little bit of head nodding, smiling at each other, drinks are knocked back, the occasional shoulder is dropped, the hips start to swirl and then as the music grows (and someone turns it up louder) people start to groove. Johny by Sofi Tukker is that groove. It's delicious.

With its bassy sass and slinky guitars Johny speaks the language of dance, even if like me you can’t understand a word Sophie is singing except for the “Johny can you hear me,” line. 

To get fans involved with the release of the song (which you may well already be familiar with if you’ve played the EA Sports' FIFA 17 video game) the duo has launched a "Johny" hotline +1 866-445-6469 (international charges apply) where fans can call in to enter for a chance to chat with Sophie and Tucker or win select prizes. There are 3 options when calling:

Press 1: Listen to Johny 

Press 2: Leave a voicemail for Sophie and Tucker 

Press 3: Enter into a contest for a chance to speak with the band

And on Friday between 5:30 - 6PM EST callers who press 3 will have their call forwarded directly to Sophie and Tucker's mobile phones for an opportunity to speak with the band! My tip: If calling don’t just say “Hey guys I love your music.” Try to think of something interesting to ask. Can they translate the words of this song for you, perhaps? Or how they felt when they were told they were on the infamous Breaking More Waves Ones to Watch 2017 list? No don’t, that’s embarrassing for me when they just answer with “The what?”

Sofi Tukker - Johny

New Music: Introducing - Keir

F*cking hell.

Just watch this video. 

This is Keir

This is Squeeze Me.

This is incredible.

I really don’t need to say any more.

Keir - Squeeze Me (Maida Vale BBC Introducing Session)

New Music: Maggie Rogers - On And Off

With debut EP Now That The Light Is Fading due soon, the creator of my favourite song of 2016 and one of my Ones to Watch 2017 (as well as, it seems, virtually everyone else’s tip) Maggie Rogers brings something different to the table with new song On And Off. Whilst there’s still the charismatic vulnerability to the lyrics as she sings of emotional instability and having someone there to help her stay afloat: “When I feel like I’m drowning and then I see you, it’s okay, it’s okay, I'm okay, I’m alright again,” this one is all looped electronics, bass throbs and subtle production tricks that is about as far away from her folk roots as its possible to get. Probably most of us need someone to help us stay grounded from time to time, but music itself, when you connect to them, can sometimes be an anchor as well. Maybe this one, or one of Maggie’s other songs could take you to that place? 

Maggie hits Breaking More Waves homeland of the UK at the end of February for 2 sold out shows at Omeara. If you haven't got a ticket, keep an eye on my Twitter feed @BMWavesBlog where I'm sure I'll be posting some words or pictures from one of the shows. In exciting news I can also confirm she'll be supported at the gig by Mosa Wild who you can read about by clicking here.

Maggie Rogers - On And Off