Thursday, 30 October 2014

Charli XCX - Break The Rules (Broods Remix)

The release of Broods really excellent debut album has been a bit of an oddity. Already available in certain parts of the world, our own country of the UK has been starved from listening to it unless you 1. Illegally download it. 2. Import it. We suspect the majority will opt for 1, which is a shame. 

We’re also a bit confused about the release of Charli XCX’s next album Sucker, which is also being released in different territories at different times, which will surely leading to even more illegal downloading. Also Boom Clap did very well and was a proper hit (number 6 in the UK, number 8 in the US, and 9 in Australia), but Break The Rules seems to have stiffed a bit, just sneaking into the lower reaches of the UK top 40. We thought it deserved to do better, being the sort of track that you can bounce up and down vigorously to. Then there’s London Queen a bubblegum punk track that’s been pushed out onto You Tube with a Tracey Beaker styled lyric video (which you can see here). We’re not sure where that really fits in the big scheme of things and we’re hoping that before Charli pushes out Sucker she’s got another big radio banger to pull out of the bag. 

Which brings us to this remix, in which Charli XCX gets a good seeing to by Broods. We’re not sure where these remixes really fit in the big scheme of things either, but that’s for record labels and industry types to worry about. What we do know is that we like this one. It’s what you’d expect from these two artists when they’re pushed together. It squeezes a little more darkness out of the song than the original. It's a bit industrial and oily. Let it dribble and drum menacingly all over your ears. 

Charli XCX plays Heaven in London tonight. 

Charli XCX - Break The Rules (Broods Remix)

Coasts - Wash Away

Wash Away, the second track to be streamed from Coasts forthcoming EP, is top-notch. Sounding like an incoming storm, this rattles with a pleasingly explosive epic-indie sound that comes with a stamp on it marked 'designed for big venues.'

However, we can't let them get away with just a good tune. There's a matter of some lyrics:

“Our Days are lost in a summer haze, our voices soft in the twilight gaze, like an orange peel, you give me the sweetest feel.”

Sorry Coasts, but we have a fruit related issue with this.

Orange peel? 

Orange peel!!!!

Making you feel sweet?

Isn’t orange peel a bit tart rather than sweet? Bitter sweet, we'd give you that, but not just sweet.

Maybe a re-write is required. How about:

“Your sex appeal, gives me the sweetest feel.”

Or something that is actually sweet:

“Like a wagon wheel, you give me the sweetest feel.”

Mmmm….. Wagon Wheels….. all that jam, chocolate and marshmallow. Lovely.

Coasts - Wash Away

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

FKA Twigs - Video Girl (Video)

There’s no doubt that FKA Twigs LP has defined 2014. It's an unsettling and not always accessible piece of work that will disappoint those looking for traditional songs, but with its weird experimental programming and languid warped sonics has managed to sound both futuristic and very of the moment at the same time, capturing the attention of those who like something a little edgier than the average pop album.

It’s for these reasons that it came as no surprise to see LP1 as the bookies favourite to win the Mercury Prize today, even if she lost out eventually to Young Fathers (our own personal favourite alongside Kate Tempest's record).

To coincide with the prize Tahliah has released a new You Tube piece, directed by Kahlil Joseph, which finds her returning to the darkness of her earlier visual work for album track Video Girl. Watch her dancing and singing to a condemned prisoner on death row. Just like her music it takes a little longer than average to get your head around it but once you do, it's quite compelling. 

FKA Twigs - Video Girl (Video)

Shivum Sharma - All These Years

Languid electronic vaguely R ‘n’ B influenced pop has been flavour of the month for a lot more than just a month now (we’re wondering when the backlash is going to come?), but for the moment there’s still a lot of dudes kicking out these late night tunes. Shivum Sharma’s new one is the latest addition to the collection. Despite the lyrics All These Years isn’t a cover version of After All These Years by 80’s power ballad rockers Journey, although the song certainly takes you on a journey; a chilled zero gravity sounding spacey trip. Sharma himself has also been on a journey – although his hasn't been by a rocket to the stars but to Asia for a couple of months, which apparently left him inspired with many fresh ideas for his songwriting.

Production credits go to ex Sneaker Pimp (remember Six Underground?) Liam Howe who has worked in the past with the likes of Marina & The Diamonds and FKA Twigs. The song is taken from Shivum’s forthcoming EP due on December the 8th via National Anthem on either iTunes or 10” vinyl. If you pre-order on iTunes you get this track straight away.

Shivum Sharma - All These Years